Business planning and strategy

Business planning and strategyThere are two levels of planning – planning at the macro level, i.e. planning at the level of the economic system in General and micro-planning, i.e. planning for a particular company. Decisions taken on planning will also vary depending on the level at which they are taken.

Macro-level planning is focused on countries with a market economy in which business plans provide guidance for making certain management decisions. These decisions should match the priorities at the national level and include the participation of enterprises in the economic development of the country, and business plans, therefore, contain details on the production of basic goods and services, as well as predictions and prospects for sales. Continue reading

Business planning

Business planningInVenture Investment Group and based on years of successful experience in the field of investment consulting, will help on a professional level to develop a business plan of investment project, investment Memorandum and feasibility study of the project.

Development of a business plan of the investment project according to the method InVenture line with current international standards: UNIDO (UNIDO), the EBRD (EBRD), TACIS and other key international economic organizations.

Business planning InVenture – understanding business philosophy!

• preparation of a business plan on a professional level and in operational terms; Continue reading

The risks

The risksAnd the best business plan is unable to give assurance that it will be successful and sell, because it should be able to implement. For this reason, special importance is the consideration of all potential risks that can appear in case of realization of the project in the short or long term. Correct and comprehensive analysis of possible risks, which will be reflected in the business plan will be evidence of Your competence, which will have a beneficial effect on the outcome of negotiations with investors.

For any potential project risks mean the probability of occurrence of any adverse events that can police the loss of a certain part of resources, loss of anticipated revenues or the appearance of any additional, unforeseen expenses. During the preparation of this section must take into account possible changes that occur or will occur in the market, forecasts future business. To this end, a quantitative and qualitative study of potential risks. Continue reading

Business planning of enterprise development (the planning phase)

Business planning of enterprise development (the planning phase)In a previous article (“Financial management”, No. 3, 2004) we presented the General ideology of enterprise management and financial management as its particular case. It implies that one of the main phases of the management is the planning phase. This phase includes work on tactical planning (current planning of financial activity of the enterprise, the construction of the company’s budget for a period of one year with a monthly breakdown) and strategic planning for the development of the business plan of the enterprise development.

Strategic planning and business plan are the main subject of this article. Continue reading

Business planning, development of business plan and business consulting

Business planning, development of business plan and business consultingDevelopment of a business plan and business planning gives the possibility of calculation by getting the answers to what more profitable for You in any given situation. Business planning is a very convenient tool for modeling business processes.

For any business project is to advance a business plan, it will help to properly assess the results of its implementation from the point of view of profitability and prospects taking into account the time factor and possible alternative investments of capital. Without such calculations, many non-obvious but very important result for the moments of a business project can be missed, so initially it can lead to loss of money and time. Continue reading

Business planning processes logging

Business planning processes loggingForest payments

When planning for timber harvesting is necessary to consider forest payments.

Logging begins with the selection of forest Fund plot and the conclusion of the lease (for a period from 1 to 49) years. Possible and short term forest management based on logging tickets.

Calculation of forest charges based on the RF Government Regulation “On minimum rates of payment for wood sold on the vine” and the appropriate coefficients entered by the subjects of the Russian Federation. In addition, in order to win the contest in some cases it is necessary to increase the rental rate from 10 to 100%.

Logging technology plays an important role in business planning, as logging is though essentially from articles in the cost structure of sawn logs.

When planning timber harvesting are the costs for reforestation, fire, forest management. Do not forget also about the “incidental costs” (not dependent on the volume of annual allowable cut), associated with the lease of the allowable cut: For participation in the forestry competition; the Annual fee for the wheelhouse; Guaranteed inventory; project Development of cutting; the cutting sites. Continue reading

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